Care And Cleaning Leather Products

To prolong the use of leather, take proper care for it. It needs regular cleaning to free it from the substances that can slow its performance when it is used in articles production. Every type of leather has its special way of care. For example, you can clean Elk, Buckskin, and Deerhide leathers by using water and mild soap to wash them. However, you should not squeeze or wring dry as this causes wrinkles.

You can clean smooth leather with various commercial leather cleaners like Omega carnauba cream, saddle soap, and other leather conditioners. Apply saddle soap with a wet sponge or brush and work it into thick leather. Wipe off with a cloth, then polish to a soft luster. As for suedes, you can use a fine sandpaper or a stiff bristle brush to clean dirt.Vigorously brush the suede until there is no more dirt. Use a damp sponge to wipe. Also, you can use an art gum eraser as well as a commercial suede cleaner.

Care for leather from factors that affect it


This affects all leather items considering that its circulation comes with air. For that reason, you should regularly clean your leather items to get rid of the dust that rests on them. Use a damp cloth to wipe the dust off. However, you can use a blower to blow away the dirt in closed corners and eyelets of the leather products.


Water can make your leather items shrink, and make them look dull, unattractive and weak. Keep water far from where you store or keep your leather items. But if water pours on the items by mistake, wipe it out immediately and allow the items to dry at moderate temperatures slowly.


Keep corrosive chemicals such as acids away from all your leather products. Chemicals eat off the top layers of leather.

Oil or grease

leather shoesWhen applied well, these substances can enhance the quality of your leather products. But, also, they can
cause drastic effects if they get their way on finished leather items. They can stain or soil an aspect of your leather item, which affects the general outlook.

There are also other ways that you can take care of your leather products. They include cleaning, flattening, storing and conditioning.