Key Factors in Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

There’s the difficulty of buying something you know little about, the nagging fear that she won’t accept your proposal, and the pressure to figure out which engagement rings she would want. When you know the diamonds, setting styles, and the way you buy quality, the entire journey to a perfect engagement ring becomes much more pleasant. Before you visit your first jewelry store, read this guide to buying engagement rings. How do you know what to look for in a gemstone? What guarantees are there that the stone you choose will be of the quality you think? Below are the main elements to consider when choosing your ideal engagement ring.


engagement ringThe first “C” denotes color; diamonds are rated by the quantity of yellowish color they possess. The more tone there is, the more valuable and rare it is. G-J diamonds are considered almost colorless, K-M diamonds have an opaque color, N-R diamonds show a light color, and S-Z diamonds have a muted color. Much of the charm of a white gemstone rests in its arctic coloring, pale stones are common sought after. G-H is an excellent choice for maintaining an icy appearance


Clarity attributes to the essential embodiments in the stone. Inclusions are like mini marks that appear as the diamond flows into the ground, and they can catch a variety of shapes, such as feathers, pinholes, clouds, and veins. A diamond can also have surface defects, such as scratches on polishing marks. Clarity depends primarily on the importance and rarity of the stone. Although, in some cultures, a diamond with almost no flaws is necessary. It is crucial to understand that if a diamond is highly included or has inclusions that split the surface of the stone, the structural integrity may be compromised. On the other hand, minimal inclusions will not cause difficulties with the power of the pearl.


The cut of a diamond is not only about its shape, but also about the quality. Why is the cutting form so important? Along with the resulting brilliance, it is what presents a diamond as a true treasure. Although it is understood that many women prefer a big, pearl in their ring, a huge gem that is shaped crudely will not be as attractive as a slightly smaller one that can be just as radiant. An ideally cut diamond is graded as “outstanding” by the GIA or “000” by the AGS.


engagement ringCarat weight indicates the weight of the diamond; what it doesn’t say is how big the stone will be. Sometimes, diamonds are cut with a larger board. While this sounds good, it can sometimes result in a less than ideal ratio. It’s not worth it to choose a gem that is bigger but radiates less. The carat system works like pennies on the dollar: each dot is a penny of a full carat as a complete carat can be one. Ultimately, a person should buy based on what they can manage.


Once you have the perfect engagement ring in your hands, you can focus on preparing the ideal proposal. Be prepared for her eyes to go wide when you get down on one knee and open the ring box. When she sees the amazing engagement ring you so carefully chose, the response is sure to be a resounding “Yes!”.