How to Lose Weight on Keto

The ketogenic diet is famous for its weight loss benefits. One of the most effective ways of losing weight is decreasing the carb and protein intake. If you are not losing weight despite taking measures to lose weight, then it means your body has not reached a stage that is referred to as ketosis. You need to look at what you eat on a daily basis because it could be the reason as to why you are gaining weight.

You should know that if you eat a diet that is low in carbs but has too much protein, the body will turn the excessive proteins into carbs. This means that you will not lose weight because the body will not be in a state that is referred to as ketosis. Let us look at the different ways of losing weight on keto.

Hidden Carbs

foods with carbsOne of the things that you ought to do to ensure that you lose weight on keto is finding the hidden carbs. You might be consuming certain foods that have more carb than the recommended levels.

You should always check the composition of carbs in the diet that you consume. We have some foods that have hidden carbs.

Fat Intake

Another way of ensuring that you lose weight on keto is by increasing your fat intake. When you decide to take snacks, the snacks should be heavy in fats. Biological research has shown that increasing your fat intake will reduce the amount of protein and carb that you will need.

Dairy Products

If you want to lose weight on keto, then you need to eliminate the dairy products from your diet. The dairy products are things like milk, butter, ice-cream, frozen desserts, and yogurt.Dairy products are not recommended when you want to lose weight on keto because they will increase the amount of insulin in the body, therefore, kicking you out of ketosis.

Fewer Nuts

Another way that you ensure that you lose weight on keto is by eating fewer nuts. Whereas nuts can be good for keto, you should be careful on the type of nut that you are eating. Not all nuts have the same amount of nutrition, the nuts that have a high composition of carbs.

Artificial Sweeteners

sugarLast but not least, cut on the artificial sweeteners. The artificial sweeteners just like the dairy products will increase the amount of insulin in your body and therefore, affect ketosis.

Secondly, the artificial sweeteners have lots of junk which should be avoided. However, if you have to use the artificial sweeteners then use the recommended keto sweeteners.